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 1800 Main Street, Canonsburg, Pa 15317




All Clients are required to have a credit card on file. For more information, refer to cancelation policy.




Kendra Smith LMT


Kendra has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2015. She is very passionate about helping people on their healing journey. She has worked side by side with chiropractors giving herself more of a medical background. She specializes in, but is not limited to deep tissue techniques focusing on  releasing tension and muscle stiffness. She uses a steady technique to treat the deeper muscle tissue and trigger points. She customizes her massages to your individual needs, and has a very caring, professional presence. A fun fact about Kendra is when  she is not helping people in their healing journey she enjoys crafting such as woodwork.  

Heidi Chester LMT


Heidi established Southpointe Massage Therapy in 2018. Heidi has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2015. She was deeply inspired at young age by her beloved Uncle Sam when he was diagnosed with cancer. During his last few months she would visit him and massage his hands and feet. This always gave him so much joy and relief, but at the same time she did not realize the benefits massage therapy had for his cancer battle. She specializes in, but is not limited to pre/post surgery clients, sinus/lymphatic issues, Swedish massage and relaxation. She is also educated in medical massage and lymphatic drainage. Heidi is driven by the love of her family, especially her niece Amelia and nephew Oliver. A fun fact about Heidi is she is also a licensed esthetician.

Samantha Beegle



Jeffrey Johns LMT


Jeff has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2015. He found his passion for body work after seeing the effect and benefits it provides with post surgical patients in their recovery process. He specializes in, but not limited to Neuromuscular/ Trigger Point Therapy, Prenatal Therapy, scar tissue/post surgical relief, sinus/headache relief, and stress reduction. Jeff works based on the needs of his client, and lives by "Nothing cookie cutter, every session is a new experience and that variety is the spice of life!!" A fun fact about Jeff is that he loves to sing and because of that, it allowed him to travel and experience the world.





Lauren Birk LNMT


Lauren has been a Licensed Neuromuscular Massage Therapist since 2018. She has a deep fascination for how the body works and she intensely dislikes seeing people in pain. She looks forward to giving her clients a better overall quality of life.  She specializes in, but is not limited to, Neuromuscular Therapy, medical massage for patients with post injury and/or post surgical  issues such as knees/hip replacements, rotator cuff surgery, chronic headaches, T.M.J. dysfunction, sciatica, whiplash, carpel tunnel syndrome, and more.  She is also educated in stretching and at home self-care. A fun fact about Lauren is before becoming a massage therapist, she was a hydraulic mechanic on B-1 Bombers for the Air Force.

Lauren gives 10% off to current and retired military

Kassi Kelley

Director of Operations

Kassi has earned degrees and worked in several different fields, but has always been drawn to working with people.  She has worked in the service industry since 2009, but in the beginning of 2018, Kassi discovered her passion for business. Since then, she has fallen in love with everything about marketing, event planning and public relations. She joined Southpointe Massage Therapy because she recognized the opportunity for growth, both personally and for the business. Kassi enjoys the atmosphere and appreciates the company's values. Her family and close friends are most important to her and are her "why" in life. A fun fact about Kassi, is that she has taken off in a plane twice, but has never landed. Who goes skydiving without ever flying before... Kassi does!!  


Sam has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2015.She is very passionate about helping her clients feel better, “seeing my clients leave happy and feeling like I have fixed them is the most awarding when it comes to my line of work”.  She specializes in, but not limited to deep tissue, cupping, headache/sinus relief, relaxation, lymphatic drainage, stretching, trigger point, and facial/scalp massage. Sam is a mother of two beautiful girls, and after having her second daughter, she realized how much her youngest daughter loved to be massaged, it sparked up her love for the job even more and it was time for her to get back in the field. A fun fact about Sam is that she loves to crochet.